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Friday, March 15, 2019

Elearning Trends-2019

Digitization has hijacked the entire world by bringing continuous innovation in all the areas and alluring people of all age groups. Also, the emergence of digitization in the teaching and learning process has changed the way we all used to learn. Since last couple of years, elearning industry has brought us various learning techniques through which we can learn and ace any skill with utmost ease.
Elearning industry has drastically utilized the new technological practices and introduced various innovative ways of learning in 2018. We've reached 2019 already, let's see what are the upcoming elearning trends of 2019.

 1. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR)

AR and VR have set the stones already and are undoubtedly going to be the next-gen learning solutions. These technologies have brought the world at our finger tips in an extremely realistic way. AR technologies based courses have been developed for K-12 students. It augments the existing content through overlaying and popping graphics and images. It not only enhances the learning capabilities of the learners but also gives them a thrilling and fun experience. 
On the other hand, VR is becoming one of the top elearning solutions for industries. With effective instructional strategies, 360-degree photographs, advance interactions, elearning industries are developing courses that enhances cognitive ability in  learners and is helpful for people with special needs. 

2. Artificial Intelligent Assistance

After successfully deploying AI assistance in various businesses for customer and client support, it has been now picked up by the eLearning industries. From K12 to the modern millennial employees, AI based learning is seizing learners' attention effectively in the learning activities eventually resulting in better retention and noticeable change. One can expect more from the AI-empowered systems—these can now process and respond to learners's queries in real-time. 
These systems are enhanced to offer counselling and guidance to scholars empowering them with comprehensive exposure to numerous fields. The AI assistance can also deliver learning resources specific to learners helping them in completing their assignments.   

3. Customized Learning

ELearning is entertaining learners as Apple does for music lovers;  providing varieties of learning solutions as Amazon does for its consumers; and presenting on-demand knowledge as Google does for everyone of us.

Having said that, customized learning is completely developed on the basis of learners' strengths, skills, needs, and interests. Which means, each student is taught considering his existing knowledge and the learning pattern. Customization makes learning useful, highly impactful and fun at the same time. 

4. Microlearning

The digital-age learners are relishing micro-learning in their day to day learning diet. The micro-courses are named as eLearning-bites, eLearning snacks, and nuggets—increasing students appetite for learning. Micro-learning is developed considering the attention span of learners providing them the required knowledge in a quickly and easily digestible form. Using cutting-edge techniques and strategical instructional approach, the lengthy volume of courses are transformed in a compact form, reducing the seat-time of learners and increasing their knowledge retention. 

5. Video-Based Learning

Think, what you do when you want to learn any feature of MS-excel, diagnose and fix any issue in your laptop or mobile phone, or repair your grinder yourself. Do you do all these by watching small videos on YouTube? 

Seeing considerable shift of learners from reading to watching videos for their immediate learning needs, eLearning has also taking a shape of  a video now. In 2019, you will see media-rich, inquisitive  animation based videos presenting concepts in the form of stories. 

Undoubtedly, 2019 is going to be a commemorative year for evolution of eLearning.

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