"Elearning does not need to be introduced, it needs be identified. Elearning is not confined only to online courses or learning applications, it is everywhere."

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Welcome to Elearning catalogue!

Elearning is not new, it came along with the digitization. It has been embraced widely not only by educational institutes but also by many other industries for their training and skill development programs. That being the case, I believe, elearning doesn't need to be defined or introduced now, it only needs to be identified. In the modern era, elearning is not only confined to the online courses or numerous other elearning applications, rather it is everywhere. For instance, learning happens when you enter your query on Google and get answered. You may not learn any new skill but you will certainly end up getting some knowledge or information. This is the simplest example of elearnimg where Google caters to your search query by gathering and presenting relevant sources of information. 

Elearning catalogue is a platform which will help you discover various such corners in the digital world and elearning technologies which are redefining the long existing approach of learning.  I, being an elearning professional took this initiative to reach out to elearning enthusiasts, instructional designers, and other internet users through this platform where I share my knowledge and express my thoughts.

Thank you.

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